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XAP at NACAC: How We Can Help with College Application Challenges

“May you live interesting times.”

You’ve probably heard that expression before – it’s often credited as being a Chinese curse. However, researchers haven’t been able to find any evidence to support this, and, like many often-quoted expressions, there is some debate on the Internet about its origins.

One thing is certain: “interesting times” can be both a blessing and a curse. It all depends on how we respond! Just consider today’s postsecondary landscape. As we will hear repeatedly at NACAC’s national conference from September 22-24, today’s campuses face a lot of “interesting” challenges when students apply, including rapidly increasing demands for training in new fields, a greater emphasis on accountability, and financial concerns for both students and institutions. Read more…

New Skills For Youth

The New Skills For Youth Initiative, Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This year, a multi-disciplinary team of organizations created a new initiative which aims to create opportunities for economic success for those without high school degrees, and those who have graduated but do not have sufficient skills to begin a meaningful career. The New Skills For Youth (NSFY) program was created by the Council of Chief State School Officers, National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium and Education Strategy Group, and is funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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Introducing Choices 360

Your principal wants reports on your programs. Parents want your help with college planning. Students need your advice on scheduling classes. Everybody needs something. And what do you want? When it comes to your students, you want them all to have a diploma and a plan. Sounds simple, right? You’ll fit it in right after you negotiate world peace.

Enter Choices360 – XAP’s new comprehensive career and education planning program. Choices360 gives students the tools to build meaningful education and life plans. Educators can help keep those plans on track by generating powerful reports to monitor all students’ progress.

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Security Updates

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month – and there are more stories in the news to raise our awareness of digital security. The file-hosting service Dropbox was the subject of recent news stories claiming that a list of over seven million Dropbox login credentials had been leaked.

Dropbox has since issued a statement assuring users that their database was not hacked. However, the story is a good reminder of the importance of the importance of not using the same password for every service. Use a unique password for each service you subscribe to in order to help keep your data safe.

Microsoft Security Patch Announced

Microsoft issued a security patch for Internet Explorer on May 1. The security patch is to address the vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer that were recently announced by Microsoft.

If you have automatic updates enabled, this security patch will download and apply automatically. No action is needed.

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