XAP Introduces New Component to Help Educators Scale Work-Based Learning

We’re excited to announce the launch of XAP’s new Work-Based Learning component, designed to help educators expose students to more opportunities and help them explore potential pathways, while increasing the quality of work-based learning outcomes. We conducted a survey at the 2021 ACTE Vision Conference to clearly define issues educators face within work-based learning management.... Continue Reading →

We’re Excited to Lift the Curtain

Summertime is always exciting!  It's vacation time for students and educators -- and it's the time of the year when we release new or improved features to our products.  At the end of this month, we're excited to release the following: New Scholarship Tools We've been working on improving how students can apply for and... Continue Reading →

Earth Day Quiz!

Earth Day is April 22. Test your knowledge of careers that work to protect the Earth! 1) Carbon traders work to: a) Succeed as a pop music band whose members all dress exactly the same. b) Provide financial incentives to companies to help reduce their impact on the Earth. 2) Alternative energy researchers look for... Continue Reading →

Celebrating CTE Teachers

Career and technical education (CTE) teachers help get today's students into shape for tomorrow's jobs. Educators say the need for CTE teachers will continue to rise to meet the demand for workers with the right skills. "Our community colleges do an excellent job supplying technically skilled workers, but the number of graduates does not come... Continue Reading →

Love and Careers: A Quiz

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." -- Confucius XAP's products place a lot of emphasis on finding a career path that students will love by connecting their skills and interests to possible careers. And, because sustaining love takes some work, we give them the tools to make... Continue Reading →

Helping Students Meet Their Goals

Do you have goals for the new school year? That was the question we asked students using our Choices360 site last week - and the results were impressive! A full 80 percent of students said they were starting the academic year with some goals in mind. Of course, many students also start of the school... Continue Reading →

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