XAP Introduces New Component to Help Educators Scale Work-Based Learning

We’re excited to announce the launch of XAP’s new Work-Based Learning component, designed to help educators expose students to more opportunities and help them explore potential pathways, while increasing the quality of work-based learning outcomes.

We conducted a survey at the 2021 ACTE Vision Conference to clearly define issues educators face within work-based learning management. Over 60% of survey participants indicated they used some form of spreadsheet to manage their work-based learning programs. In the face of growing demand to expand work-based learning opportunities for students, this is simply unsustainable.

To ensure our new tools would remedy the pain points educators face when managing work-based learning programs, we collaborated closely with the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education and interviewed educators from a diverse set of school districts.

XAP’s Work-Based Learning component automates the matching of students to work-based learning opportunities and the applications for those opportunities, which in many schools today are manual processes. It also streamlines the management of contact lists by eliminating lengthy spreadsheets of employer contacts and enabling these to be stored directly in the system connected to the appropriate organizations and opportunities. The digitization of these processes will help school districts and states across the country scale their work-based learning programs through enhanced coordination of data and processes, easing the time-burden for educators and employers.

Example of a work-based learning opportunity for students

Work-based learning is a proven strategy in helping students gain experience during their secondary school years and building the academic, technical, and employability skills ensuring their success in the workplace and in life. XAP’s CEO Eddie Monnier commented, “We are extremely excited to offer a truly compelling tool that helps educators scale their WBL offerings. High-quality work-based learning offers students the opportunity to experience careers first-hand, where they gain better understanding of their aptitudes, interests, and skills – leading to higher graduation rates, better academic outcomes, and increased engagement. It’s a win for educators, a win for students, and a win for employers.”

Managing work-based learning opportunities in the Professional Center

Scale your work-based learning program with XAP by engaging more employers than previously possible, and easily connecting your students with the valuable work experiences they deserve. To arrange a demo, call Simone Swett at 1-800-468-6927 ext. 4321 or email sales@xap.com.

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