XAP Introduces New Component to Help Educators Scale Work-Based Learning

We’re excited to announce the launch of XAP’s new Work-Based Learning component, designed to help educators expose students to more opportunities and help them explore potential pathways, while increasing the quality of work-based learning outcomes. We conducted a survey at the 2021 ACTE Vision Conference to clearly define issues educators face within work-based learning management.... Continue Reading →

Leading Students in Search of Alternatives to College

Traditionally, school career and college planning programs emphasized college readiness, focusing primarily on academics and admission requirements. However, it’s clear that college is not the best fit for all students—or the current job market—as more than half of occupations in the US now require specialized training but not a bachelor's degree. “Career training has been... Continue Reading →

The Costly Stigma around CTE Programs

Removing the stigma around career and technical education (CTE) benefits students, parents, and teachers. But to do so, districts must be mindful in creating a multi-faceted communication strategy. School districts can change the perception of CTE if they know how to address the misconceptions. When we look at other workforce stigmas, such as talking about... Continue Reading →

Facing CTE’s Most Common Challenges

When exploring the many options that public schools across the country offer, you will find that career and technical education (CTE) programs are unique and diverse in their guidelines and programming. However, there are common challenges among all programs. The first and possibly the most significant problem is the lack of trained teachers who are... Continue Reading →

Why CTE Is So Important for Today’s Students

One of the best investments in any high school is in career and technical education (CTE) programs. Such pathways pay dividends for many critical factors, such as graduation rate and academic success. But parents and students who already expect good grades and a high school diploma might be surprised to learn that there are other... Continue Reading →

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