XAP at NACAC: How We Can Help with College Application Challenges

“May you live interesting times.”

You’ve probably heard that expression before – it’s often credited as being a Chinese curse. However, researchers haven’t been able to find any evidence to support this, and, like many often-quoted expressions, there is some debate on the Internet about its origins.

One thing is certain: “interesting times” can be both a blessing and a curse. It all depends on how we respond! Just consider today’s postsecondary landscape. As we will hear repeatedly at NACAC’s national conference from September 22-24, today’s campuses face a lot of “interesting” challenges when students apply, including rapidly increasing demands for training in new fields, a greater emphasis on accountability, and financial concerns for both students and institutions.

XAP is proud to have helped several state systems rise to these challenges. We recognize that the application process has to become more focused and customizable in a time when requirements can vary great from state to state and even district to district. That’s why our application solutions are far more tailored than traditional out-of-the-box products. Yet we’re able to do this at a cost equal to or lesser than our less adaptable competitors.

A good example is our work with Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). “14 Universities. One Application. Infinite Opportunities” — that’s the motto students see when they submit an online application through PASSHE’s portal. The portal links the PASSHE postsecondary institutions, which collectively offer 250 degree and certificate programs – that’s a lot of educational options for students to explore! Serving over 110,000 students, PASSHE aims to showcase the breadth of education opportunities in the state.

One of PASSHE’s goals in creating the application portal was to make it easier for students to experience that diversity. If a student is interested in more than school in the system, they only have to complete one application. It’s a simple step that helps students expand their opportunities. And it’s working. Stats from the September 1st, 2015-August 15th, 2016 academic year show that students who submitted more than one application submitted an average of three. That increases their odds of acceptance and exposes them to more opportunities in Pennsylvania.

The University of California and the California State University systems faced similar challenges in streamlining their application processes to make it easier for students to apply. XAP created a guidance algorithm that gives school counselors a simple yet comprehensive view on how close students are to attaining minimum college entrance requirements (A-G requirements) for UC and CSU. XAP made the process even easier by integrating student information system data so students don’t have to worry about manually entering their course information and counselors need not worry about inaccurate data.  The result is a much clearer application process for students, without any surprises when it’s time to submit, and more time for counselors to focus on their other tasks.

XAP is excited to attend NACAC to show participants more about the potential of our Application system. Find out what we have to offer and how we can work with your unique needs – stop by and visit us at Booth 936.

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