We’re Excited to Lift the Curtain

Summertime is always exciting!  It’s vacation time for students and educators — and it’s the time of the year when we release new or improved features to our products.  At the end of this month, we’re excited to release the following:

New Scholarship Tools

We’ve been working on improving how students can apply for and win scholarships. As of the June update, students will be able to sign up for monthly emails with lists of new scholarships that match their profile. It can’t get easier than this! We deliver the matching scholarships to every student who signs up to receive the update.

Students will see:

  • New layout and redesigned scholarship tools designed to engage students and make it easier to match to scholarships
  • Differentiated instructions for middle and high school students
  • Sign-up form for a monthly email alerting students when they have new matching scholarships
  • New review and reflect activity
  • Updated scholarship portfolio activity

Watch a video outlining the new scholarship tools for students.

Educators will benefit from:

  • Better database of scholarship information (supplied by SuperCollege)
  • Improved tools to add local scholarships (including their addition to the scholarship search and match functionality)
  • Updated portfolio activity for Individual Learning Plans (also known as ICAPs, IEPs, ISPs)

Watch a video outlining the updated scholarship tools for professionals.

For details, see our What’s New about the new scholarship tools.

Updated Postsecondary Profiles

Finding the best postsecondary school match for each student is not easy! There are so many details to consider. It can be overwhelming. XAP’s refreshed postsecondary school profiles have been developed to make it easier for students and their parents to access the details they need most in order to make decisions. The updated profiles:

  • Summarize the important data at the top so students and parents can see a quick overview of the school including a link to the school’s website for more in-depth information
  • Students can add notes to a school profile
  • Have fewer and more clearly defined data elements using both text and graphical elements
  • Show matches and misses to a student’s latest School Finder search
  • Include a new major search tool

Watch a video on the newly redesigned postsecondary profiles.

For details, see our What’s New about the updated postsecondary profiles.

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