Earth Day Quiz!

Earth Day is April 22. Test your knowledge of careers that work to protect the Earth!

1) Carbon traders work to:

a) Succeed as a pop music band whose members all dress exactly the same.
b) Provide financial incentives to companies to help reduce their impact on the Earth.

2) Alternative energy researchers look for alternatives to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are:

a) Expensive, brand-name fuels, purchased at gas stations that have gold-plated pumps.
b) Created by the remains of dead animals. Fossil fuels include coal and natural gas.

3) Greenwashing happens when an advertiser:

a) Claims a detergent will get rid of stubborn grass stains.
b) Claims their products are more eco-friendly than they actually are.

4) More colleges are introducing wind energy programs. Wind energy is:

a) The impatient feeling you get when a long-winded person is giving you a lecture on their favorite topic
b) Energy that comes from the movement of air

5) An agronomist could study the value of composting on soil. Composting is:

a) Posting information about gardening on Facebook
b) Using things like food waste to fertilize soil naturally

Did you answer “b” for all five questions? Congrats! You can read info on of all of these careers on XAP’s Transitions site.


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