Insights on Improving Graduation Rates for Varied Career Paths

One method for improving the graduation rates is by boosting awareness about the career choices that your students can explore once they complete high school. This measure will make it easier to guide learners based on their interests.

Are you wondering how to improve graduation rates in your school using career and academic planning? Read on to discover ways to mentor college-bound and non-college-bound learners alike.

Creating Curricula for Students Pursuing Different Paths

Ensuring that all students have an opportunity to create individual career and academic plans aligned to their personal goals can help improve student engagement and graduation rates. Students will make meaningful high school course plans that support their future career goals.

Having the right career and academic plans will help you educate students about their available job choices. It also allows you to identify skills and interests early. With this information, you can guide students toward careers that match their passions.

Adopting flexible career and academic planning allows all students in your school to find the right opportunities to pursue their goals. It will also guide all learners in choosing courses that link them with their future careers.

Importance of Curriculum Creation for Students Pursuing Various Paths

While you may try to ensure that every student gets the counseling and advising that they need to pursue their career interests, it may be challenging to find enough time when you have a large caseload. This issue can lead to a low value for education for some learners and a high number of dropouts.

A strong career planning program will encourage learners to complete high school by providing them with the resources that they need to find a career path that they are excited about. A strong career planning program will also ensure that students engage in self-exploration through assessments followed by exploration of careers that align with their interests, skills and values.

Using flexible career planning programs is the perfect way to ensure an equitable career planning experience for students with various future goals. They will be empowered to develop their own career and life plan.

Once students have a vision for their future, they will have a motivational foundation for planning their high school courses and completing them, leading to improved high school graduation rates.

Increasing Graduation Rates for All Students with Choices360

Creating a flexible career and academic planning curriculum has many benefits. However, you may find it tough to develop the best ways to guide each learner toward a suitable job.

With a tool like Choices360, you can avoid the headache of academic and career planning. This solution comes with templates that you can use to create a tailored curriculum. Here, you can include the activities that you want each student to complete. It’s also easier to set goals for assessing progress over a particular period.

Another way to boost graduation rates in your school using Choices360 is through self-assessment. This software comes with tools that learners can use to gauge things like:

  • Skills
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Aptitudes

Based on the results of the assessments, a student can then pick a suitable career. If they already have a specific one in mind, they may identify the skills and education necessary to reach their goal.

Another way that you can boost graduation rates with Choices360 curriculum planning is by helping learners select the right technical schools for specific careers based on particular requirements. These can include their preferred education level, career clusters, and target income.

Contact XAP to Improve Graduation Rates for Varied Career Paths

Adopting flexible academic and career planning can help you boost graduation rates for varied career paths. XAP offers a wide range of tools you need to support your learners and provide them with the proper resources for designing their futures.

With Choices360, you can encourage low-income and non-college-bound students to complete high-school education. This software comes with a My Plan of Study feature to help you track progress toward graduation requirements.

Here at XAP, we believe that exploration lays the foundation for planning. That’s why we help school and district counseling leaders implement equitable programs and strategies to ensure that students graduate high school not only with a diploma but also with a plan.

To see how we can help you better support your students and drive state, district, and school initiatives with greater ease, transparency, and data, feel free to contact our specialists today!

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