3 Tips for Managing Student Work-Based Opportunities

As the value of a college education comes under increased scrutiny, more students and their families are pursuing post-high-school alternatives, such as work-based opportunities. Work-based learning involves formal activities, such as apprenticeships, internships, and work placements, and less-formal ones, such as career speakers and job shadowing. For the career counselor, this represents a challenge: how... Continue Reading →

5 Insights on Maximizing Your Student Success Programs

The way that we measure student success has evolved over the past two decades. Before the 2001 reauthorization of ESEA, achievement gaps and low graduation rates among subgroups—primarily, low SES and minority students—could be hidden by aggregating data. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act held schools accountable by requiring the disaggregation of graduation rates... Continue Reading →

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