Introducing Choices360

Your principal wants reports on your programs. Parents want your help with college planning. Students need your advice on scheduling classes. Everybody needs something. And what do you want? When it comes to your students, you want them all to have a diploma and a plan. Sounds simple, right? You’ll fit it in right after you negotiate world peace.

Enter Choices360 – XAP’s new comprehensive career and education planning program. Choices360 gives students the tools to build meaningful education and life plans. Educators can help keep those plans on track by generating powerful reports to monitor all students’ progress.

Does reaching all students sound about as unattainable as world peace? That’s why our innovative Individual Learning Plans put the focus back on the individual. At XAP, we want to provide every student with the tools and guidance they need to find their path, whether they’re aiming for a selective postsecondary institution, a community college, or a job right after high school. Choices360 takes an inclusive approach to college and career guidance, exposing each student to all of their options.

We collected feedback from counselors and students to identify the ways Choices360 can help you reach your goals. With Choices360, you’ll have the power to:

Connect with the Professional Center
Achieve with Individual Learning Plans
Succeed with Plans of Study
Envision with validated, research-based assessments

Ready to learn more? Be part of Choices history – discover the new world of Choices360. > Request a demo

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