Why Do I Have to Change My Password?

You had a great password. It took you a few tries to create a perfectly unforgettable but secure combination of characters, and you’d grown attached to it. Now we’re asking you to create a new one. What’s up?

Internet security is only as strong as its weakest link. Hackers know the weakest link is often users’ passwords. That’s a big reason why they’re always finding new ways to crack the code and gain access to your computer. In other words, what was a great password a year ago could be leaving your system vulnerable now.

Not too long ago, Internet security meant not taping your password to your monitor. Now, hackers can use tools capable of trying thousands or millions of possible passwords per second. Common sense tells us that longer, more complex passwords are harder for these tools to figure out.  Changing your password regularly and making sure you don’t have the same password for every application you use are also good safeguards.

XAP follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of requirements to keep data secure. These standards change and adapt in response to security needs.

In order to continue our mission to keep student data secure and remain PCI-compliant, the password system for the Transitions Professional Center and Report Central will be strengthened. Key changes for professional accounts include:

  • Increased password complexity:
    • Passwords must be between 8 and 12 characters long.
    • Passwords must contain both alphabetic and numeric characters with no special characters.
    • Passwords cannot contain spaces.
    • Passwords cannot be the same as your account name or one of your last four passwords.
  • Account lock-out after six failed sign-in attempts: If, after six attempts, the user cannot provide a matching account name and password, the account will be locked for 30 minutes or until the password is reset. A user can reset their password using Forgot Your Password or may call Technical Support for assistance.
  • Automatic password reset after 90 days: Professional Center and Report Central account holders will be required to change their password every 90 days in order to keep their passwords up to date and secure.

For more information on passwords, contact XAP.

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