Tips & Tricks: Back to School

September can be a busy month – maybe that’s why September 6 was declared Fight Procrastination Day. Check out our top six tips for staying on top of things.

  1. Simplify Your Inbox: We’re streamlining our communications, including the former Career Pro News and Dear Bridget, to give you a single newsletter — a fast way to stay on top of what’s new. And speaking of streamlining, now is a good time to clean out your inbox, before the inevitable avalanche of new e-mails arrives. Procrastinate now and you’ll be struggling soon!
  2. Communicate: Let your students or clients know what to expect over the coming months. The messaging features in our products are the perfect tool to stay connected. In fact, studies show that students perform better (and procrastinate less) when they feel connected to their teachers. Send a simple “Welcome Back” message to start the year off right. Our Choices products now have the same great communication tools (PDF) as many of our other products.
  3. Learn Something New: We often get so involved in teaching others that we forget about our own need to grow. Check out our webinar schedule to learn about education opportunities with our products. The convenience of online learning makes it easy.
  4. Stay Up to Date: Follow our Twitter feed to learn what’s new in the education and working world.
  5. Get Organized: Remember when getting organized for school meant buying new clothes and fresh pencils? September is still a great month to declutter. Get started by reviewing students’ accounts and portfolios to make sure you don’t have duplicates or dormant accounts. Need help? Let us know.
  6. Have fun!: We hope you enjoy settling into a fall routine. And if you missed Stop Procrastination Day this September, there’s always next year! Stay tuned next month for more tips on using XAP’s products to make your life easier.

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