The Future’s So Bright… in These Top 25 Careers for Millennials

The problem: Millennials (young adults between 18 and 34) face an unemployment rate 40 percent higher than the national average. And many of those with jobs are underemployed and not fully using their education. Did you just cringe a bit for your students when you read that? Keep reading for the good news.

The solution: Young Invincibles, a national advocacy group, sat down and analyzed Bureau of Labor Statistics labor market data with a clear goal. They wanted to determine the best future for young people: how can they get a good start? They focused on three factors:

  • Projected occupation growth: How many new jobs in each career will be created by 2022?
  • Median wages: Will this career provide a living wage?
  • “Millennial share”: How many jobs are held by adults 18-34? This helped them narrow the list down to jobs that don’t require years of experience.

And the winners? The (imaginary) medals go to:

  • Physician Assistants
  • Actuaries
  • Statisticians and biomedical engineers (it was a tie!)

If you notice a trend towards STEM in those careers, you’re correct – in fact, 13 of the top 25 careers require a STEM background and another five are in health care. But there’s still hope for artsy folks: the Top 25 list includes jobs like public relations managers and managers for performers and artists.

There’s also diversity in the educational paths. The road to the top careers ranged from apprenticeships to postsecondary degrees. However, the study’s authors point to the need for more date on educational paths that lead to success. It’s hard to determine, for example, a “best” major and college for guaranteed success. (And who wouldn’t want to know that before investing in education?)

Read the full report here. You can find profiles of the top careers on XAP’s career planning online sites.

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