Find an Eco-Friendly Career

Many students write to us asking where they can find “green” careers on our sites. They’re looking for jobs that focus on improving the environment. It’s a great question! Many labor market analysts predict that green careers will be red hot in the future.

However, like many great questions, it’s not always an easy one to answer. A lot of green careers are in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources cluster, or the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics cluster. Some have obvious applications for helping the planet: alternative energy researcher and environmental engineer are great examples.

But what about students who don’t like science? Can they still help the Earth?

Of course! Our sites also feature careers like environmental lawyer and information on trends like eco fashion. But if you’re interested in helping the planet, you can also think beyond specific careers that focus on the environment.

The truth is that almost every career can involve thinking about your impact on the Earth. It’s all in how you use your skills. Take construction, for example. Traditionally, construction workers, engineers and architects focused on the act of creating new buildings, without worrying about their environmental impact.

These days, sustainable building coordinators help construction companies think about reducing negative effects on the environment, by using recycled or renewable building materials and renewable energy sources. Our sources say this is no longer a “niche” in the building industry — it’s becoming standard practice.

That’s a good example of how a greater interest in the environment can change the work we do. And when it comes to other careers, the possibilities are limitless. We even hear about handbag designers who use recycled materials to create very fashionable purses. Artists, cleaners and cosmetics companies are also aware that consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the Earth.

So where can you find green careers? Everywhere!

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