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Track Down a Career in Forensic Science

With the popularity of television shows like C.S.I., many people seem to be curious about careers in forensic science.

But those in the field say that TV doesn’t quite give the real picture.

“Those shows are pure fiction. They are a mixture of a number of careers,” says Ronald Singer. He is the director of a crime lab in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Crime scene investigators do not interview witnesses. Generally, they do not perform laboratory analyses. They rarely solve crimes by themselves. And they do not drive Hummers,” he says.

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Create a Career Doing the Things You Love

In your spare time, you probably have a hobby or two that you enjoy. It could be something like a sport or a game. Or perhaps you like to listen to music, collect something, read books or watch movies. There are hundreds of different hobbies out there.

But have you ever thought about turning your favorite hobby into a job? Is it even possible to make a living doing the things you love?

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Image Consultants Are in Style

Magazines and television programs seem to be full of people telling other people how they can look better and project a better image. But who are these people offering the advice?

Some of the people on makeover shows are image consultants. Of course, there are many image consultants working outside of television — and their numbers are growing.

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Polar Scientists Study Life at the Ends of the Earth

Would you go to the ends of the earth for a rewarding career? If so, you might find some cool opportunities in polar science.

What exactly is polar science? Earl Blacklock is the communications advisor for an environmental organization. He says that polar science refers to physical and social science conducted in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Polar scientists study many different things. One of the big areas is environmental science. Environmental scientists might research topics such as the effect of climate changes on permafrost. Others might study the effects of mining on caribou populations.

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The Market for Educational Toys

Who doesn’t love toys? Even adults find it hard to not pull all those colorful gizmos off the shelves and start playing with them. Toys are an $80 billion industry, according to the Toy Industry Association.

One area of toy sales is particularly hot. According to the NPD Group, a consumer and retail information provider, sales for learning and exploration are on the rise.

If you’re interested in turning your love of toys into a career as a toy designer, it might be a good idea to educate yourself about the educational toy market.

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Major Push Underway for Growth of STEM Careers

If you haven’t heard much about STEM careers, that will soon change. There’s a major push under way to raise awareness about these hot careers.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There’s a huge, growing demand for workers in these fields.

There are many hundreds of careers that fall under the umbrella of STEM. They range from geneticists to mechanical engineers to water resource specialists. What they all have in common is that they apply scientific skills to real-world problems.

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