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XAP at NACAC: How We Can Help with College Application Challenges

“May you live interesting times.”

You’ve probably heard that expression before – it’s often credited as being a Chinese curse. However, researchers haven’t been able to find any evidence to support this, and, like many often-quoted expressions, there is some debate on the Internet about its origins.

One thing is certain: “interesting times” can be both a blessing and a curse. It all depends on how we respond! Just consider today’s postsecondary landscape. As we will hear repeatedly at NACAC’s national conference from September 22-24, today’s campuses face a lot of “interesting” challenges when students apply, including rapidly increasing demands for training in new fields, a greater emphasis on accountability, and financial concerns for both students and institutions. Read more…


Finding the Time: Tips for Parents of College Applicants

With an eye on college admissions, how can today’s students balance the demands of school, volunteer work, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs – and still fit in some occasional downtime?  And what can parents do to help their teens manage their time?

Educational consultant Brittany Maschal says that while students should be encouraged to explore their interests, get involved with their community and be active, their focus should start to narrow as they move through the high school years.

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Bring Out Their Best: Encourage a Winning College Application Essay

Helping students with their college application essay can be a balancing act. You want their true voice to shine through, but you also want the essay to sound professional and promising.

The biggest role of counselors, parents and teachers is encouragement. Giving students the confidence to express themselves will help them write well and show their personality. But the essay must be the student’s own work – 100 percent written by them. Some colleges ask them to sign a statement guaranteeing that the writing is their own.

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Tips & Tricks: Face College Application Fears

Is October scarier than it was last year? Consumer spending suggests it might be. A report from the National Retail Foundation predicts that Americans will spend a record $6.86 billion on Halloween this year. That’s an increase of more than nine percent.

If you know any high school seniors, you know they’re facing something even scarier through October and November: college applications. Fortunately, XAP offers tools and advice to help them face their fears.

After all, we’ve set some records of our own when it comes to college applications: XAP processed more than 4.1 million electronic applications last year!

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