Helping Students Meet Their Goals

Do you have goals for the new school year? That was the question we asked students using our Choices360 site last week - and the results were impressive! A full 80 percent of students said they were starting the academic year with some goals in mind. Of course, many students also start of the school... Continue Reading →

Coding Camps: What to Look For

Have you considered a boot camp for your student this summer? We're not talking about basic training, but a new kind of boot camp: coding boot camp. That's right: there are camps that teach kids to code. As the name suggests, these can be pretty rigorous. But if your student spends a lot of time... Continue Reading →

A Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships

College is not the only route to a satisfying, well-paying job. Apprenticeship training, which allows you to earn a salary while learning job-related skills, may be a good option for your teen. After four or five years, their training is complete, and the apprentice can write an exam to become a journeyperson. Journeyperson is the... Continue Reading →

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