Scholarship Programs for Student Dependents of U.S. Military Members

Each branch of the United States military provides some type of educational assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and low-interest loans to dependents of active-duty, retired, and deceased service members.  Eligible students can pursue these resources, in addition to traditional avenues, to fulfill their educational and career goals.  Read on… Veterans Administration Benefits The... Continue Reading →

The Value of Course Planning

Why do I have to do this now? I am only in ninth grade. How am I supposed to know I want to do? Faith, our career and education advice columnist, received this question the other day.  It’s a common concern. After all, the world is changing quickly – what’s the point of making plans?... Continue Reading →

Admissions Streams: A Parent’s Guide

What exactly does early admission mean, and how do you know which if it is right for your student? Before you can answer that, you need to understand the different ways that colleges admit students. Most students apply to college under regular admission. Deadlines can be anywhere from December to February, and students know if they're accepted... Continue Reading →

Helping Students Meet Their Goals

Do you have goals for the new school year? That was the question we asked students using our Choices360 site last week - and the results were impressive! A full 80 percent of students said they were starting the academic year with some goals in mind. Of course, many students also start of the school... Continue Reading →

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