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Let Us Help You Keep Students Engaged All Summer

What grows in the winter, but dies in the summer?

If you answered “students’ interest in planning their future,” you’ll want to continue reading! You may have noticed that as the weather heats up, students’ motivation to think about college and careers melts like ice in July. (And if you don’t know the real answer to the riddle, that’s a hint!)

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New Year’s Resolutions: How We Can Help

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Are you sticking to them? If you’re still on track, you’re ahead of many of us. Research shows that more than 35 percent of resolution makers have abandoned their resolve by the end of January. The most popular day for raising a white flag on good intentions is January 10: that’s only 10 days of willpower!

Nonetheless, one study found that 23 percent of our resolutions last through the year. What makes that 23 percent stick, while others wilt like the forgotten vegetables of our healthier eating resolution?

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Tips & Tricks: Face College Application Fears

Is October scarier than it was last year? Consumer spending suggests it might be. A report from the National Retail Foundation predicts that Americans will spend a record $6.86 billion on Halloween this year. That’s an increase of more than nine percent.

If you know any high school seniors, you know they’re facing something even scarier through October and November: college applications. Fortunately, XAP offers tools and advice to help them face their fears.

After all, we’ve set some records of our own when it comes to college applications: XAP processed more than 4.1 million electronic applications last year!

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Helping Teens Find Balance

Being a high school student isn’t easy. Homework and tests can be overwhelming. After-school activities like sports, clubs and music offer fun challenges, but also involve more time commitments. Fitting friends and family into the day can be a scheduling nightmare.

Plus, many teens have part-time jobs, either to earn money or to develop new skills. It’s no wonder many students struggle with balancing the different parts of their lives.

Finding the right balance is possible, though. Learning some strategies now to juggle all their responsibilities can help students become happy, healthy adults.

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Decisions, Decisions: Using Our Sites to Compare Schools

Let’s take a quick quiz: What’s the best flavor of ice cream? What about the best show on television? The best website (aside from

If an entire class took this quiz, do you think they’d all say the same thing? Of course not! The “best” can be a very personal thing. The same goes for schools. Students often think there is a magic school just waiting for them to enroll. But unless their name is Harry Potter, this isn’t always the case. That’s why they have to do a little research — and maybe even some soul-searching.

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