Coding Camps: What to Look For

Have you considered a boot camp for your student this summer? We're not talking about basic training, but a new kind of boot camp: coding boot camp. That's right: there are camps that teach kids to code. As the name suggests, these can be pretty rigorous. But if your student spends a lot of time... Continue Reading →

The Many Benefits of Volunteering

Looking for a fun activity to try with your teen? Have you considered volunteering together? Teens who serve as volunteers benefit in the same ways as adults. They learn skills associated with the volunteer work they choose. Encouraging our teens to reach out and help others is not only a great bonding opportunity for you... Continue Reading →

Conquering Test Anxiety

It's October. You might feel a chill in the air. You might crave a pumpkin spice latte. And educators might sense a lot of text anxiety in the classroom. Test anxiety rises as the SATs and ACTs approach and for some students, the effects can be debilitating. The American Test Anxieties Association website reports that... Continue Reading →

Turning Aptitudes Into Abilities

The greatest value in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become." -- Ben Herbster One teen may have a strong and clear voice, but unless this voice is recognized as an aptitude, trained in music and developed through practice, he will never have the ability to sing. Another... Continue Reading →

The Market for Educational Toys

Who doesn't love toys? Even adults find it hard to not pull all those colorful gizmos off the shelves and start playing with them. Toys are an $80 billion industry, according to the Toy Industry Association. One area of toy sales is particularly hot. According to the NPD Group, a consumer and retail information provider,... Continue Reading →

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